Our vision for the Circular Drive Initiative (CDI) is to foster a sustainable future by enabling the circular economy in data storage. We strive to ensure that data storage devices can be securely reused, significantly reducing e-waste and reducing carbon emissions linked to manufacturing new storage devices.

We are committed to revolutionizing the data storage industry by enabling circularity and to transforming the storage market by developing, promoting, and implementing standards, transparent reporting, and best practices centered around a circular economy.

We aim to:

  1. Develop circularity and reuse standards for storage: We strive to redefine the ecosystem by instituting guidelines prioritizing environmental responsibility.
  2. Foster circular business models: We’re dedicated to promoting business models that emphasize the reuse and recycling of storage devices
  3. Educate the industry: We are committed to educating stakeholders about the benefits and necessities of adopting sustainable practices in the storage industry and eliminating myths about storage security that have prevented reuse.
  4. Prevent first-use destruction: We aim to eliminate wasteful practices by advocating for the secure reuse of storage devices, minimizing the need for destructive sanitization methods.
  5. Drive impact and accountability: We’re committed to creating a positive environmental impact and holding ourselves and the industry accountable for the sustainable use and disposal of storage devices.