Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t shredding a good way to prevent unauthorized access to storage?2022-12-29T00:16:20+00:00

Shredding was actually deprecated in the latest sanitization specification due to media density on the latest storage media, like hard disk drives. Small fragments of drives can actually still contain a lot of user data!

What are the latest specifications around media sanitization?2022-12-29T00:16:12+00:00

IEEE P2883: IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Sanitizing Storage, in IEEE P2883/D18 was published in June 2022. This is the latest and most comprehensive industry standard for storage sanitization, encompassing and superseding NIST SP800-88, ISO/IEC 27040 and other standards. IEEE P2883 has a strong focus on circularity. The scope of IEEE P2883 covers all physical and logical locations that currently contain user data, used to contain user data (e.g., deallocated data, data reallocated because of media errors),could contain user data (e.g., overprovisioning, unused capacity, spare pools),are able to contain data that discloses information about user data (e.g., data that is usable to direct forensic analysis.

What is the circular economy?2022-12-29T00:16:04+00:00

Products are designed for their next use in mind, and when a user is done using the product they cycle through the next phase. Materials go through the highest value flow possible, by designing waste out of the system. Products that are no longer functioning can be broken down into raw materials that go back into manufacturing future products.

Where can I get CDI drives?2022-12-29T00:15:54+00:00

There are no CDI approved drives yet. In the future, CDI will list providers in the ecosystem that sell second-use and third-use storage devices. However, there are multiple resellers of recertified and used drives that are partners of our members that may be listed.

Should companies be following the NIST 800-88 document?2022-12-29T00:15:44+00:00

NIST SP800-88R1: This document from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) contains guidelines for media sanitization and storage security, but does not define requirements. It is a product of the US government and commonly referenced by the NSA, other standards and US companies, but many countries will not refer to US security standards.

What is media sanitization and why is it important for CDI?2022-12-29T00:15:32+00:00

A process or method to render access to target data on storage media infeasible for a given level of effort. Purge media sanitization enables secure removal of data but keeps the device in a reusable state so that it can be reused.

When can regular and associate members join?2022-12-29T00:15:22+00:00

CDI will begin regular and associate member registration after the first board meeting, which will happen early fall 2022

What is CDI?2022-12-29T00:15:09+00:00

The Circular Drive Initiative (CDI) is a collaboration of global leaders in digital storage, data centers, sustainability, and blockchain in a joint effort to reduce e-waste by promoting and enabling the secure reuse of storage hardware

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